Corporate Social Responsibility

The Corporate shall implement environment protection, social responsibility and company governance, not only promise to shareholders, employees, customers and suppliers, but to ensure sustainable development.

The division for corporate social responsibility system promotion

Ingentec Operation Supporting Division take the responsibility for corporate social responsibility promotion, manage and coordinate related department based on the code of practice approved by board meeting. The responsibility of Operation Supporting Division is as below,

Topic Target Job description


Carbon emissions and greenhouse gas reductions

Carbon management
Climate management
Energy usage(Renewable energy usage)
Waste management


Corporate social responsibility

Health and safety management
Occupational safety and health
Social welfare focus

Community involvement
Caring for the vulnerable


Corporate governance

Board of directors performance
Secure the shareholders equity
Risk management
Information security management
Codes of ethical conduct
Personal information protection
Disclosure of information

Corporate social responsibility policy

We implement the corporate social responsibility policy based on the Code of practice of Corporate Social Responsibility, focus on environment protection, energy saving, carbon reduction and safety of environment. Invest resources for employee care, talent training, talent reserve, talent selection and talent development. Social welfare and caring for the vulnerable. Corporate governance follow the regulations. Pay equal attention to shareholder equity and benefit of employees, customers and suppliers and provide open and transparent information for investors.

Following the principle of “Take it from the society, Use it in the society”, we have set up the policy for environment, Social and Governance to concentrate and improve continuously.

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