Environmental Sustainability

The extreme weather caused by climate change is not only causing harm around the world, but also increasing risks to business operations. In view of this, enterprises should take responsibility for environmental protection, fulfill their corporate social responsibilities, and formulate energy-saving and carbon-reduction policies to reduce the impact on the environment.

Energy Conservation and Carbon Reduction Policy

In order to protect the environment, Ingentec not only promotes and implements measures such as water conservation, waste reduction, environmental protection and energy conservation, but also shows its determination to protect the environment with practical actions.

Environmental protection and energy saving measures

In addition to installing a rooftop solar power generation system, the company uses renewable energy to reduce carbon emissions, and also uses LED lamps to save energy and electricity. The factory design is also planned towards a zero-emission and environmentally friendly factory. Electrical appliances are selected for power-saving use. Implement water conservation and waste recycling, so that resources can be fully utilized and reused. In product promotion, promote environmentally friendly products and work with customers to protect the environment. For example, in special gas projects, C4F6 (hexafluorobutadiene) and F2 (fluorine gas) are environmentally friendly with a global warming potential (GWP) of 0. In addition, the patented gas phase etching equipment developed by our company is applied to the surface film removal of semiconductor silicon wafers. In addition to improving the recycling rate of films that are difficult to remove by advanced process control sheets, it helps customers solve a large number of scrap silicon wafers. However, the use of chemicals in the dry process is only 1% compared to the traditional wet process, which fully implements energy saving, environmental protection and carbon reduction.

Rooftop Solar Photovoltaic System

In September 2020, Ingentec built a rooftop solar photovoltaic system and began to generate electricity. The installed capacity is 145.6 KW, which can generate more than 190,000 kWh of clean energy a year. Converted, it can reduce carbon emissions by more than 100 tons per year, and more than 26.7 hectares of nature forest (source: According to the official website of the Council of Agriculture Executive Yuan of the R.O.C.). annual carbon intake. In addition to using clean energy to generate electricity, the solar power module on the roof can reduce the direct sunlight exposure on the top floor, thereby lowering the indoor temperature and reducing the use of air conditioners.

Annual greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption and total waste weight

The company's direct greenhouse gas emissions are mainly estimated from the direct emissions of gasoline and diesel from the company's transportation vehicles and the fugitive emissions from refrigerants and septic tanks. Scope 2 purchased electricity is the company's main source of greenhouse gas emissions.
Greenhouse gas emissions in the past two years


Greenhouse gas emissions (ton CO2e)





Note: According to the annual electricity carbon emission coefficient announced by the Energy Administration, MOEA

The company discharges no harmful industrial wastewater, only domestic sewage and its discharged water meets the discharge standards, and has no major impact on the local environment.

Water consumption in the past two years


Water consumption (m3)

Total number of employees (person)

Average water consumption (m3)









No hazardous industrial waste is produced during the company's manufacturing process. The main waste is the general domestic waste of employees and waste produced in the office. The waste is entrusted to legal removal companies for removal and treatment, and there is no significant impact on the company's operating environment. Since the amount of waste produced is not large, there is no detailed scale and weight measurement, so we have to make a rough estimate based on the contract with the waste removal company.

Total waste in the past two years

Waste (ton) Total number of employees (person) Average waste produced (ton)









Description: Clean up types of employee domestic garbage, waste plastic mixtures, waste wood pallets, waste fibers or other cotton, cloth and other mixtures

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