Statutory benefits:

  1. Two days off per week
  2. Labor Insurance / Universal Health Insurance / Employment Insurance / Occupational Accident Insurance
  3. Family Care Leave / Paternity Leave / Maternity Leave / Special Leave / Women’s Menstrual Leave / Abortion Leave / Maternity Inspection Leave / Epidemic Prevention and Care Leave / Parental Leave without Pay
  4. Contribution of labor pensions
  5. Employee Health Check

Other benefits:

  1. Employee stock subscription
  2. Year-end bonus guarantee for 2 months / Three major festivals bonus (/gift) / wedding allowance / funeral of immediate family members / employee training allowance / telecommunication allowance / travel allowance / maternity allowance / food allowance
  3. Employee group insurance
  4. Special leave better than statutory (3 days of special leave upon arrival)
  5. Entitlement to annual salary or salary increase after anniversary
  6. Enjoy 2 promotions and salary adjustments every year depending on performance
  7. Performance bonuses are issued every year based on employee performance
  8. Proposal bonus / Patent invention bonus
  9. Enjoy the welfare of the Welfare Committee (such as birthday party, birthday gift, employee family day, labor day gift, annual store coupon...etc.)
  10. Free employee travel / Free health check (better than statutory) / Free vaccination / Free year-end party and lottery / Free education training (internal / external training) / Free premium coffee / Free ping-pong ball and pool ball / pressure relief massage equipment

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