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A:乾式化學品精餾技術(Fine Chemical Distillation Technology)
B:氣態分解溶蝕技術(Vapor Etching and Decomposition Technology)
C:導磁膜散熱技術(Intrinsic Magnetization Filmy thermal Conductivity Technology)
D: 國際貿易代理業務 (International trading business)



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Thin Film Solar Cell Laser Machine

Thin Film Solar Cell Application P1, P2, P3 Isolation Edge deletion 薄膜太陽能電池專用雷射設備
PLI-Series is applicative on thin film solar cell. Ingenuity provide different laser for suitable layers like TCO,A-si, metal, isolation and edge deletion.

PLI系列, 為薄膜太陽能電池製程所設計, 針對不同材質的薄膜, 有不同對應的設計與設備, 提供您最佳的C/P值。


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