Dry Etching Foundry Service

Vapor Etching and Decomposition Technology
Ingentec’s specialty gases not only sell to customers, we also develop other applications. After market survey, Research & Development Dept. develop Vapor Etching equipment and apply to the silicon wafer ReBirth and glass drilling by using the etching, film removal and drilling characters of specialty gas.
The major application is for silicon wafer film removal for semiconductor field, we call it as ReBirth. The advantages of ReBirth is extremely low chemical consumption can remove the film comply with customer specification to save the cost of customer and protect the environment.
TGV (Through Glass Via)
The major application is for glass drilling by using the small molecule of specialty gas to drill the glass for metal contact deposition. TGV is widely applied in Micro LED, 3D IC package, MEMS, Biotechnology IC and 5G IC.
More application of Vapor Etching is under developed.

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