Ingentec Corporation is specialized in innovative technology development and launch into manufacturing.
Established in 2010, Ingentec invests much resources in research and development in past years, own many patents in advanced material and equipment and commercialized those innovation.
Now Ingentec is a manufacturer own many technologies.
Ingentec own three core technologies so far and it reinforce the competitiveness of Ingentec.

Ingentec dedicated in innovation and develop commercial products, will create more technologies and launch into production for sustainable development.
Ingentec has high efficiency operation team. Talented Personnel with initiative, enthusiasm and integrity characteristics. We put much efforts on employee training and future development.
Ingentec has established very strong foundation through patents own and successful commercialized production. Our vision is to be the biggest special material manufacturer and differentiated service provider!

Company overview

2010 / 12

Company established

2011 / 01

Start up and operated formally.

2011 / 12

Certified of Toxic Chemicals business license.

2016 / 02

New facility in Zhunan was completed and started operation.

2016 / 09

Certified ISO 9001:2015 quality management system.

2017 / 06

Ingentec Nanjing Advance Material Corporation established.

2017 / 12

Asinta Corporation established.

2018 / 08

Asinta plant I specialty gas started mass production.

2019 / 11

Ingentec Corporation IPO successfully.

(TWSE: 4768)

2020 / 11

Acquire land for Fab 2 construction.

2022 / 04

Ingentec Corporation listed at OTC successfully

(TWSE: 4768)

2022 / 06

Started construction for
the Fab 2.

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